Lucas Cohen

Lucas is a high school junior who proudly serves on his student government, and is passionate about helping to incite genuine enthusiasm for doing good within our communities. In his search for an organization to join as part of his school’s community service graduation requirement, Lucas discovered that it can be hard to find organizations that accept student age volunteers. Lucas has developed a program that alleviates the issues high school students face with securing volunteer work, and he has launched IMPACT.

Lucas’ vision to make a difference in his community has already to come fruition, and this is just the beginning.

Jackie Cole

Jackie is a highschool senior and an involved community member as a representative in her NYC highschool’s admissions department. Jackie has played a critical role in the development of Impact Community Service through business organization, website development, community outreach as well as social media management. Without Jackie’s contributions, IMPACT would not be the operating service opportunity database that it is today.

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We all know it takes a village, and Lucas would like to thank all of the partners and schools who have helped to make this project possible.