Circle of Friends

“We are high school students seeking to make a difference in this pandemic. We want to make the lives of all parents, especially those working on the front lines or suffering in some way as a result of COVID-19, easier by spending an hour meeting virtually with their children and creating a positive space with them by doing what they love to do.  Our hope is that, by giving children whose parents have been affected by the virus in some way a place where they can forget about their hardships and simply have fun, we can make their lives at least a little better and slowly make a change in this difficult time.”


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“Circle of Friends is an initiative where high school students meet virtually with the children of essential workers, medical workers, patients, or anyone who suffering because of COVID-19 or fighting on the frontlines to stop COVID-19 for an hour and for free.  In these meetings, we do whatever the children we work with would like to do, including playing games, singing, dancing, creating art, discussing sports, virtual exercise, homework help, and so much more.  Parents who would like to sign their children up for our program simply fill out a Google Form indicating their child’s name, the times they would like them to meet with us, and their interests, so that we can match them to a volunteer with similar interests.  As you’ll see, the process to sign up is simple and quick and results in your child having a great, positive place to take their mind off everything going on and simply do what they love.  We encourage anyone and everyone who could benefit from Circle of Friends to sign up!”