Northern Virginia Family Service

“Northern Virginia Family Service’s (NVFS) breadth, depth and scope of services offer the resources and support to ensure that everyone in need, at every stage of life, maximizes their potential and fully contributes to a thriving community. We provide the essential building blocks for financial, emotional and physical well-being, serving as leaders and innovators for the Northern Virginia community. Every year, we empower 35,000 individuals to achieve self-sufficiency. With these essential resources, our community is better equipped for future success and engagement among all of our neighbors.”

Contact to Connect with to begin work : 571.748.2500

Description of work:

“In the midst of the COVID-19 response, NVFS wants to do our part to preserve ready-made masks for medical facilities so we’re asking you to make masks for our staff and clients on the front lines. As we still have essential services, some of our staff are on the front lines providing support to our community. One way to support the community at this time is to purchase items to create DIY masks to distribute to staff and clients.”