Volunteer New York

“Volunteer New York!’s core mission is to inspire, mobilize, and equip individuals and groups to take positive action to address pressing challenges, support nonprofits and strengthen the quality of life in our community.
We encourage adults to serve, youth to build character, families to bond, young professionals to lead, mature adults to share their wisdom and businesses to support our community.

Website:  https://www.volunteernewyork.org/opportunity/a075A00000fjCzaQAE

Contact to Connect with to begin work : Contact Elizabeth Parra on above link ^. (Need to school to middle of page).

Description of work:

“During the coronavirus pandemic, vulnerable populations—including seniors and those with compromised immune systems—are especially at risk. Many people are staying at home and practicing social distancing to limit the spread. Volunteers can help prevent loneliness and isolation by writing letters and making cards and mailing them to a local nursing home. This is a project for all ages and is the perfect activity for volunteers who are confined to their homes.

IMPORTANT: Once the letters and cards are complete, place them in an envelope and seal it with water—do not lick the envelope—and wait 48 hours before mailing to help minimize the possible spread of germs. Please refrain from discussing politics and religion.”