Community Against Covid

Community Against COVID-19 is a delivery service in which teenagers perform the daily errands that those in the “high-risk” category (or those who feel uncomfortable leaving their house) would otherwise be completing under normal circumstances. Because teenagers are at the lowest risk for contracting the severe symptoms, Community Against COVID-19 is in need of teenage volunteers willing to deliver essential items to the elderly and immunocompromised to help mitigate the risks affiliated with these basic tasks.


Contact to connect with to begin work: Gabby Ripka  –,  or 914-980-7371 

Description of work:

“Community Against COVID-19 has started multiple teenage-run chapters in communities effected by the pandemic. They are actively looking to expand, spread their message, and start chapters in communities across the nation. Help recruit volunteers to contribute to Community Against COVID-19, and deliver essential items to the “high-risk” community.”