Night Bites

In response to the brave and heroic contributions of our community’s medical staff in this time of crisis, Night Bites, a non-profit organization, would like to contribute baked goods to night shift medical staff  risking their lives to support those affected by COVID-19. Producing baked goods and having them transported to hospitals, we ask for your support in our small contribution to help boost the morale and spirit in this moment of crisis. Night Bites holds chapters in five states currently including New Jersey, New York, Tennessee, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and Illinois.


Contact to connect with to begin work: Fill out form by clicking your chapter on left side of website homepage. ^

Description of work:

After filling out a volunteer form to their Night Bite chapter, a current Night Bite member will get in contact with the volunteer and schedule a date when they will come and pick up baked treats (preferably cookies or brownies) produced by the volunteer. These baked treats can be either baked at home or purchased at a store to be donated. The baked goods would then be transported from the volunteers house and to a nurse’s home who then transports it to her or his hospital. Night Bites follows a non-contact pick up system, baked treats are expected to be left either at the front door of the volunteers house or in their driveway. Volunteers are expected to record all ingredients used in the process of baking their products to prevent health risk for medical staff. If okay with the volunteer, Night Bites would love to receive pictures involving the volunteer baking to post either on our social media page or even website!