Safe Solution Tutoring

“We provide students currently affected by the closing of schools online tutoring sessions taught by honors and AP students from across the United States. Our tutors help struggling students by going over homework, creating personalized lesson plans, editing essays, and so much more! We stand with the nurses, doctors, and all other essential workers on the front lines in our fight against coronavirus. We want to make an impact and you can too. A portion of the proceeds from each online tutoring session get donated to the Coronavirus Relief Fund. Join us in tackling this global pandemic! We offer students a way to continue their education while social distancing. Through our online tutoring sessions, you get one-on-one support without taking the risk of potentially spreading the virus. Thus, flattening the curve and allowing us to return to normalcy as soon as possible.”


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“Safe Solution Tutoring encourages you sign up to be a tutor! In light of the current situation, students across America are lacking proper education. It is our job to foster a positive virtual learning atmosphere. In order to be a tutor you must fill out the application, which can be found on our website under “Be a tutor. Furthermore, if you are in need of a tutor, you’ve come to the right spot. Safe Solution Tutoring provides services to all ages, and to all academic levels. Book a session on our website!”